My passion has always been taking people’s expressions,and communicate with other people – Sai Min Htet Oo

Sai Min Htet Oo i s a Street photographer based in New York and Burma who has won the contest SPBM_Journey.  SPBM arranged a short interview to learn more about him.

Sai Min Htet Oo


Could you please introduce yourself?

I am Sai Min Htet Oo @ Dede , street photographer,based in New York currently in Burma which is my native country.


When did it all begin?

I started taking photograph when I was 20 years old and it have become part of my life.


Why street photography?

I decided that I will attain a carrier as a street photographer since my passion has always been taking people’s expressions, and communicate with other people. So I choose to become a street photographer.


What kind of human activities and street elements do you like shooting most?

I like shooting street portraits, layers, candid photos and silhouettes and shapes the most.


Who inspires you most?

Maciej Dakowicz is a person who inspires me because the way he perform street photography is origin and perfect for me.


Could you please name some of your favorite street photographers?

Besides Maciej Dakowicz, I love Rammy Narula, Tavepong, Jad Jadsada, Peter Kool, Md Enamul Kabir, Mohammad Hassan.


Which device do you use?

I use Fujifilm XT2 with 23mm .It is perfect camera for street photography because it is comfort ,handy and easy to use for daily life.


What do you do to keep yourself motivated, and not lose your passion for photography?

Actually, this is a bit difficult question for me because there is a lot of ways which keep me motivate everyday. First of all watching other people‘s photos keep inspiring me to motivate everyday . Secondly, going around and experience other people’s living style also keep me motivated everyday.


How much do you travel? Please share any interesting memory while travelling or shooting in the streets!!

3 months ago , I did attend Maciej Dakowicz’s workshop and its gave me a lot of experiences . We traveled some of places in Burma which is my native country and he pushed us to take photos everyday . We changed lots of knowledge and experience. I got not only good photos but also experience of my own country. We took selfie with native people happily is one of memorable times of my life. I believe this travel workshop was one of memorable and interesting experience for me.


What is the best compliment you received so far?

In 2017,One My photo was in Finalists of the Miami street photography Festival (MSPF).This is one of the biggest compliment that I received .


Any other hobby or passion other than photography?

Besides photography, showing street magic, traveling and eating is the thing which included in my everyday life


What will be your advice to the newbies in street photography?

For newbies ,  1 -Know your gear 2-take a lot of pictures.3-Don’t be lazy and don’t think twice. 4-Don’t forget to try the new perspective. 5- Be energetic and alert. Last but not least Have fun and good luck!




         Find Sai Min Htet Oo on the web


Author: Street Photo Bangladesh Magazine

SPBM (Street Photography Bangladesh Magazine) is a Bangladesh Is a Online based Photography group Which is also the first Street photography Group in Bangladesh The aim of the group is to create a new platform To the Bangladeshi Photographers to Show their work. We Also Appreciate The Work the Photographers around the world. AB Rashid,Ayman Nakib,Nayeem Siddiquee & Nirupom are the founder of the group

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